What is Biomechanics and i-Move Freely?

Biomechanics Coach

Intrinsic Biomechanics is simply how your muscles are working inside your body whilst performing movements.

A Biomechanics Coach can perform simple assessments on your pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet, and will help COACH YOU how to get your body moving to the best of its abilities.

By teaching YOU how to move more freely it can have a variety of positive benefits for you including:

  • Potentially helping you with aches and slight niggles
  • Helping you to perform your chosen sport/activity better
  • Helping to reduce your risk of sustaining an injury
  • And many more.

iMove Freely





This is a safe, low grade, gentle class to coach you through Muscle Energy Techniques and nerve mobilisations in preparation for exercise.  Yes, they are a great pre-warm up!  While great results can, and have, been achieved for pain relief, it is an injury prevention programme.  Why wait until we are in pain when we can help this before it gets to that stage.

Ladies, allow me to pose these questions: do you carry a handbag always on one side; do you carry a small child on one hip; do you sit relaxed sideways or cross legged on the sofa to watch TV or do you perhaps always stand with your weight on one leg?  If you answered yes to any of those, have a thought for what is happening with the symmetry of your hip joints and how this relates to the muscles that are attached in this area.

Gentlemen, ah yes this applies to you too!  Are you guilty of carrying a wallet or your mobile phone in a back pocket?  Try it, and sit down.  Can you ‘feel’ how your posture shifts over making one side higher than the other?  Imagine the knock-on effect this has to the joints and muscles in the hips and also how the spine moves.

The job of a muscle is to protect the joint and assist its movement.  If a joint is dysfunctional (i.e out of alignment) the muscles may go into spasm (feel tight) to hold that joint and prevent any further injury.  Can you see how stretching a muscle that is in spasm could cause even more issue?

So, ask yourself this question, are your muscles ‘tight’ because they are actually doing their job correctly?  Or are they ‘tight’ because they do in fact need to be stretched?  It is a process of safe elimination.  Would you like to know how to ‘release’ them first, and then train them safely?  

Contact us for more details about our i-Move Freely classes held via Zoom on Monday and Thursday evenings.

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