Please take a moment to read through the Testimonials we have received from clients about the services they booked NKB Training to help them with.

I’ve had a persisting shoulder injury for years and often need a bit of maintenance therapy to ease the aches it causes. I’ve seen physios, sports therapists and osteopaths over the years, preferring to opt for a firmer manipulation of the muscle tissues. On this occasion, I thought I’d choose a gentler, more sedate approach to compare the difference. I’m so glad I did! It was relaxing from start to finish, I could almost feel the tension disappearing from my muscles, my arms noticeably lengthening and droop farther off the table. I didn’t quite drop off to sleep but, such was my euphoric state, I very nearly drooled through the face hole! Thankfully, I’m told that it’s not uncommon for that to happen! I was that relaxed at the end that I struggled to remove myself from the table! As for Nic, she’s friendly, good company and has true belief in the effectiveness of what she does. She’s certainly a proficient practitioner! I know where I shall be returning to when my shoulder next requires a bit of maintenance!
I am a regular at circuits and have done many classes with a variety of instructors. I can honestly say that Nicola is the best I have worked with. Her approach is professional but light, and she makes the classes fun with something new every time. You always do a great workout, but unlike some classes, you do not feel fatigued at the end and instead have that lovely 'buzz' that sets you up for the rest of the day.At the start of the class Nicola takes you through each exercise explaining the right way to do each station and which muscle groups to focus on. The workouts she plans include all areas of the body, so you get a complete and holistic set of exercises. Nicola likes to vary things nicely too. Often there are one or two stations set up that may, for example, include hula hoops or dice!.I can honestly say that I would not get up on a Saturday morning to do circuits for anyone else, but me and my buddies are nearly always there because of the quality of the classes run by Nicola.She says hello to everyone before the class starts and because the workouts are pre-recorded, she is free to come around correcting any errors in technique as she has done for me many times.A truly professional, intelligent and fun instructor who cares about what she does. If you are going to do circuits I would highly recommend Nicola's classes to you.
I've participated in sport all my life and in that time I've met some good instructors, some bad ones and occasionally - exceptional ones. Niki definitely falls into the latter. I work for myself in what is quite a physical job and about 2 years ago found myself struggling a bit. I had just let things slip and as such had put on some extra timber. I was lucky I met Niki when I did. Niki pays great attention to the details - she gives you just the right amount of encouragement whilst at the same time making sure you have proper technique thus avoiding injury. She is one of the most personable instructors you will ever meet making training both fun and rewarding. She treats everybody as an individual and knows how to get the very best out of you and how to help you achieve your own personal goals. A year and half later I have lost over a stone and my cardio/strength level is close to what it was 20 years ago!All the best 🙂
I have been a regular at Niki's training for about a year and I can honestly say that I have never been fitter. With a past in team sports, the energy that I get after a Saturday morning circuits far exceeds any hockey training / playing – it really does set you up for the day! What impresses me most is the care that Niki takes to ensure that all attendees, every week, understand what they are doing and she helps them identify their own pace. She carefully, routinely demonstrates each exercise and this reduces the chance of injury whilst providing clear advice on the best approach to each exercise. Her sessions are fun and enjoyable – and I am one of many regular attendees, as we all agree this is the best circuits we have ever done!! All power to you Nic!!
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